Video related to Lake County jail inmate death shows guards standing around, not giving aid

“We looked at video, and there is an ongoing internal investigation, but I was disappointed with what I saw in the video,” Curran said at the time of the personnel changes. A lieutenant and a sergeant who were in command of the pod at the time were placed on paid administrative leave.

Curran also said the lieutenant and sergeant, whose identities have not been released, could end up receiving anything from a 30-day suspension to termination depending on the findings of the internal investigation.

No determination of Robinson’s cause of death has been ruled on yet, with laboratory tests still a month or two away from coming back from the crime laboratory, according to officials at Wednesday’s media conference.

Lake County Coroner Howard Cooper reported after an autopsy that preliminary results “indicate there were no signs of trauma relating to his death. The cause of death cannot be determined at this time. Further testing is being done.”

Curran said at the time “that rules out strangulation or being manhandled. It was some kind of medical condition.” But he also said at the press conference that nothing has been ruled out at this point.

According to the sheriff’s office, Robinson had originally been arrested 64 days before for burglary, on March 23. He also had an active case for an incident where he was charged with disorderly conduct on July 3, according to court records.

The sheriff’s office added that a Lake County judge found Robinson was unfit for trial on the burglary charges after a court-ordered evaluation was performed, and the judge declared him unfit on Aug. 28 and ordered Robinson held until the Illinois Department of Human Services determined appropriate placement and treatment.

“Jails or prisons are not equipped for the mentally ill,” Curran said on Wednesday.

Robinson’s mother, Sandra Raftie of Park City, said last month that her son suffered from schizophrenia, which was diagnosed when he was about 16 years old and working at an auto service center in Waukegan.

According to Raftie, Robinson was diagnosed at a health clinic and put on a combination of two medications, one of which was later changed.

“I don’t think they ever got the medication right,” she said, adding that the medication had recently been changed to an injection, so Robinson would not have to remember to take his medicine, which he sometimes forgot to do.

On Wednesday, Curran said Robinson was receiving medication in the jail, but “there was a problem with him taking it. He would take it from one nurse and then not take it from another. (It’s) very hard for us to force someone to take it.”

Following Wednesday’s media conference, John Idleburg, Curran’s opponent in the November election, said “we need someone who wants to be sheriff and not someone who wants to play politics” over conditions at the jail.

“This is the seventh death under Mark Curran and is a reflection of his poor leadership,” Idleburg said. “The department needs reform. Demoting key staff is not a long term solution. It’s reactionary.

“Because of the multiple deaths in the jail, we need changes in the policy and procedures. It’s unacceptable to have another death in the jail,” he added. “Curran said he knew changes were needed at the jail, but Curran choose politics over responsibility.”

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